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A little bit about us..... the culmination of culinary

refinement and restaurant entrepreneurship . . .


Like most success stories, MONTE Restaurant Development Group begins in a very humble place, the outdoor dining table in the heart of Southern Italy. It is here that Executive Restaurateurs & Developers Gennaro DiMeo, Lino DiMeo, and Gennaro DiBenedetto, fuse their extended research and boyhood nostalgia to bring venerated recipes of old into captivating, all-embracing, accessible environments. Both owners Gennaro DiMeo and Lino DiMeo are "true Italians" coming directly to the restaurant industry from years of family owned Italian restaurants in Italy. Each of MONTE's diverse restaurants carries a delectable theme where you can dine several times a week and still find something new and memorable to walk away with.


The common thread uniting all MONTE establishments is an emphasis on excellent food, superior service, and genuine value throughout the dining experience. Wonderful food at a wonderfully fair price. We believe that each meal serves us with the opportunity to take our guests to a new level. A place of relaxation, comfort and unsurpassed taste.


In 1997 Lino and Gennaro opened their first restaurant Café Mezzanotte in Severna Park, MD. This fine dining concept was the first successful concept within their restaurant group. In 1998 the group's first fast-casual brand was born; Squisito® Pizza and Pasta restaurant. Over the course of the next 12 years, nine locations opened and continue to be a favorite among Marylanders of all ages! 4 Seasons Grille in Gambrills, MD then made its debut in 2006; a fusion of Mediterranean and American cuisine. Next to open was Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen and Wine Bar. It made its Debut in Spring of 2008 in Downtown Annapolis. Today it is still one of Annapolis' favorite hot spots, not only for the best authentic Tuscan Italian cuisine, but also for the most exquisite outdoor dining and wine menu in all of downtown. "Comfortable yet Sophisticated!" Our first franchise Squisito Burtonsville opened July 2012. Through years of research, learning's and continued success of owning and operating locations from casual dining to fine dining Gennaro and Lino perfected and defined their fleet of restaurants which exist today.


As with the humble beginnings of the MONTE Restaurant Development Group, Squisito® Franchise Enterprises, Inc. began with the partnership of Gennaro and Michele DiMeo in Spring of 2008. Michele joined the MONTE Restaurant Development Group to streamline and assist Gennaro with the corporate and Franchise expansion of his fast casual brand, Squisito® Pizza and Pasta. With this powerful union of conceptual restaurant experience - Gennaro DiMeo, with Michele DiMeo’s franchise and executive operations / leadership experience, Squisito® Franchise Enterprises began. Their newest fast fine dining concept grand opened in May 2015, Meatballs Etc. where "It all Starts with The Meatball…”. Michele and Gennaro have plans to grow this "fresh, fast, build your own" concept the way they have successfully done so with the Squisito brand.

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